Regal Hotels Group, one of Hong Kong’s largest hotel operators, is pleased to announce MetaGreen, the first green metropolis in The Sandbox metaverse. With a view to inspire people today to achieve carbon net zero by 2050, MetaGreen promotes sustainable living and long-term decarbonization by incentivizing the adoption of eco-friendly behaviour and green consumption choices in everyday

life. Immersive play-to-earn experiences that bridge virtual gaming with the real world and NFT assets will be utilized as rewards to engage Sandbox users. MetaGreen will feature a thriving ecosystem of six unique and interactive districts, including a futuristic net zero hotel and residence showcasing the latest sustainable proptech, metaverse convention center, shopping mall with both a bank and retail storefronts, virtual classroom offering a university-designed environmental curriculum for secondary students, online-to-offline biosphere activities and a green art gallery.

Acutely aware of the environmental impact of proof-of-work protocols, MetaGreen has specifically chosen to partner with The Sandbox, due to its current migration to the eco-friendly Polygon blockchain and carbon offset pledges. Likewise, MetaGreen has already purchased more than double the carbon credits necessary to reverse its limited Ethereum emissions thus far.


MetaGreen strives to inspire, educate and catalyze a more sustainable future by building in the metaverse today. We envision and are mobilizing a green ecosystem of likeminded partners who will co-create this path to carbon net zero with us, as we leverage the latest blockchain technology and immersive new media.